【PRODUCE48】Juri got new nickname in Korea, “Egg rapper”【Japanese reaction】

1: 2018/08/25(土) 04:14:05.38 3: 2018/08/25(土) 04:25:02.50 What funny is already called "Egg" in Japan but, Korean trainees start calling her "Egg" without knowing it lololo It means she has an universal egg face 19: 2018/08/25(土) 11:20:46.88 >>3 >It means she has an universal egg face Just two countries lol 4: 2018/08/25(土) 04:27:50.91 Do you have pictures of ranking reveal? … Continue reading 【PRODUCE48】Juri got new nickname in Korea, “Egg rapper”【Japanese reaction】

【PRODUCE48】Concept evaluation x2 dance release !

■Rollin' Rollin' https://youtu.be/luf964AfZDY ■너에게 닿기를 https://youtu.be/qVOQ_Ri7kYw ■Rumor https://youtu.be/fob4ZT73wcA ■다시 만나 https://youtu.be/QS8FDgUD77k ■1000% https://youtu.be/8iAPSgAh7TY ■I AM https://youtu.be/sCRpb71SQsA 796: 2018/08/24(金) 16:06:04.25 x2 version is launced!lololol 815: 2018/08/24(金) 16:11:48.97 Team Noege all cute lolo 805: 2018/08/24(金) 16:09:27.46 I heard x2 dance is not x2 actually 814: 2018/08/24(金) 16:11:41.01 x2 dance is "feels like x2", It's impossible to dance x2 actually lol 822: 2018/08/24(金) 16:13:35.30 … Continue reading 【PRODUCE48】Concept evaluation x2 dance release !

【PRODUCE48】Episode 11 advance release Make-up class for trainees!【Translation of Japanese reaction】

735: 2018/08/24(金) 15:50:39.16 Advance release is launched https://youtu.be/jYNbx0OiEHw 749: 2018/08/24(金) 15:55:04.93 >>735 Why don't they do earlier~😭 769: 2018/08/24(金) 15:59:41.30 >>735 Sae is nodding seriously  when the period of practice for erase Dark circle(dark circles under the eyes)lol 760: 2018/08/24(金) 15:57:02.18 Sian is so awsome!lol 763: 2018/08/24(金) 15:58:37.35 Hii-chan is so cute of this picture lol 771: 2018/08/24(金) 16:00:09.39 >>763 I … Continue reading 【PRODUCE48】Episode 11 advance release Make-up class for trainees!【Translation of Japanese reaction】

Miyu Takeuchi

  Profile 名前:Miyu Takeuchi/竹内 美宥/타케우치 미유 生年月日:1/12/1996(22 years old) Height:156㎝ Weight:42.5㎏ Practice period:8 years 9 months Group :AKB48 1 minute PR video https://youtu.be/halg0YTUfN4 Eye contact fight video https://youtu.be/u7nDDf0A4bE Secret mission box video https://youtu.be/81_nZDylIjA First evaluation video https://youtu.be/Ybcj04dBBVo Wink Nekkoya video https://youtu.be/EY-2bBWMoFk Karaoke Nekkoya https://youtu.be/Y8h4gwfoGAM Nakkoya personal camera https://youtu.be/2bkSsg-mYdQ Group battle personal camera https://youtu.be/ihq1tHo5xnY Position Evaluation … Continue reading Miyu Takeuchi

【PRODUCE48】Concept evaluation behind video!【Japanese reaction】

New video is launched! https://youtu.be/l9T7TTh433c 616: 2018/08/21( Tue) 12:02:07.20 >>607 I haven't watched yet, but it seems like Sakura and Cheyong are good friends 623: 2018/08/21(Tue) 12:07:27.28 >>607 I wanted watch a video like this Nako and Han Cho.lol 631: 2018/08/21(火) 12:10:38.81 >>607 I can watch it forever.  5 min. isn't enough at all. Although they can't make … Continue reading 【PRODUCE48】Concept evaluation behind video!【Japanese reaction】

【Buldak Bokkeum Myun】Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge【Ramen】

What is the Spicy Korean Noodle? Where can I buy it? You can buy it at Asian market near by you. In case you want to buy the Spicy Korean Noodle immediately, here is Amazon link↓↓ https://www.amazon.com/Samyang-Ramen-Chicken-Roasted-Noodles/dp/B00ICT6ARS What kinds of noodles? Nomal このプルタックポックンミョン辛いからチーズ乗せて食べまto 🍽 pic.twitter.com/UxF4KTSy2w — とま「ぬ」 (@vage_chan) August 14, 2018   Cheese https://twitter.com/Ciel_Guild22/status/1031773868287918080 ×2 … Continue reading 【Buldak Bokkeum Myun】Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge【Ramen】

Nako Yabuki/Profile/Videos/Twitter/Instagram

Profile Name : Yabuki Nako 矢吹 奈子/야부키 나코 Date of Birh:6/18/2001 Hight:150㎝ Weight:40㎏ Practice period:4years 10 months Group:HKT48 1 minute PR Video https://youtu.be/gHzKOpMkTo4 Secret mission  video with Miku Tanaka https://youtu.be/boWnd8WdeeE Eye Contact video https://youtu.be/qvpvReBafnY Twitter https://twitter.com/nako_yabuki_75 Instagram https://www.instagram.com/75_yabuki/?hl=ja

Hitomi Honda/Profile/Videos/History/Trivia/Twitter/Instagram

Profile Name : 本田仁美/Hitomi Honda/혼다히토미 Nick Name : Hii-chan Date of birth : 10/6/2001 Group : AKB48 Team8/ TeamB History   1 minute PR video https://youtu.be/jOHm_O0_elE Eye contact fight video https://youtu.be/ZwHxOW3YbjI Secret mission box video With Kim Nayon https://youtu.be/MNLIGWJ9y44 Wink Nekkoya video https://youtu.be/DJSi4TaPIA4 Position Evaluation https://youtu.be/mVH_dzY3wRI Concept Evaluation video 「Rollin′Rollin」 https://youtu.be/IH7cIEByWWU Twitter https://twitter.com/hnd_htm__1006 Instagram https://www.instagram.com/10_hitomi_06/?hl=ja