【PRODUCE48】Concept evaluation behind video!【Japanese reaction】

New video is launched!

616: 2018/08/21( Tue) 12:02:07.20
I haven’t watched yet, but it seems like Sakura and Cheyong are good friends
623: 2018/08/21(Tue) 12:07:27.28
I wanted watch a video like this
Nako and Han Cho.lol
631: 2018/08/21(火) 12:10:38.81
I can watch it forever.  5 min. isn’t enough at all.
Although they can’t make TV show if these videos are a long video.lol

Aww I really  liked relationship between Japanese and Korean tranees.

643: 2018/08/21(火) 12:17:29.18
Good good please release more Mnet.
It is nice to keep doing the Audition about a year.

687: 2018/08/21(火) 12:36:59.02
I heard it for the first time an abbreviation  “Chekura” (Cheyong and Sakura).

691: 2018/08/21(火) 12:39:17.02
Foreigners liked these abbreviation


I assume that 2picks which are Sakura and Cheyong are popular

613: 2018/08/21(火) 12:01:45.36
This video makes me relax
619: 2018/08/21(火) 12:04:22.10
Take-chan(Miyu Tatkeuchi) changed hair-style?
637: 2018/08/21(火) 12:15:02.52
looks like styling before the stage
She changed from Pig-tale →Pony tale
625: 2018/08/21(火) 12:07:59.12
Kan-chan talks about Minami

622: 2018/08/21(火) 12:06:27.98

Looks like Kim Door is a bad school boy
629: 2018/08/21(火) 12:10:05.76
It’s funny Kim door’s face is exactly same as when she was a kid.lol
611: 2018/08/21(火) 12:01:34.78
Looks good
I haven’t seen the combination Nako and Han Chow

640: 2018/08/21(火) 12:15:41.03

Han Cho「What is this kid, I can’t believe she is just one year older than me」
Nako「What is this wrestler, I can’t believe she is just one year younger than me」
651: 2018/08/21(火) 12:20:12.94
642: 2018/08/21(火) 12:17:26.27

What  does Kim door say 4:44?

655: 2018/08/21(火) 12:21:48.03
I want to say good job to everyone because I felt everyone enjoy together

元スレ: http://rosie.5ch.net/test/read.cgi/akb/1534781050/

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