【PRODUCE48】Concept evaluation x2 dance release !

2bai 20180824

■Rollin’ Rollin’

■너에게 닿기를


■다시 만나



796: 2018/08/24(金) 16:06:04.25
x2 version is launced!lololol
815: 2018/08/24(金) 16:11:48.97
Team Noege all cute lolo

805: 2018/08/24(金) 16:09:27.46

I heard x2 dance is not x2 actually
814: 2018/08/24(金) 16:11:41.01
x2 dance is “feels like x2”, It’s impossible to dance x2 actually lol
822: 2018/08/24(金) 16:13:35.30
Why uploaded x2 for?
843: 2018/08/24(金) 16:18:49.15
K-pop idol always dance x2 version, I don’t know why..
Well, it simply funny and also it is able to show their dancing skill
859: 2018/08/24(金) 16:23:40.04
Don’t think it, feel it!
849: 2018/08/24(金) 16:20:57.85
For people who can’t watch these videos
x2 dance is not just x2 normal video, they danced with faster music
850: 2018/08/24(金) 16:21:33.17
It’s obvious
869: 2018/08/24(金) 16:26:18.58
People who watch videos secretly at their workplace can’t watch videos or pictures easily
858: 2018/08/24(金) 16:23:35.15
We shouldn’t think of the purpose of x2 videos
It is just one of the entertainments lol
839: 2018/08/24(金) 16:18:28.46
Kim Doa dropped her hair accessory lol

857: 2018/08/24(金) 16:23:16.07

Chaeyeon’s step is wonderful
862: 2018/08/24(金) 16:24:28.51
Gyuri stumbled
866: 2018/08/24(金) 16:25:28.16
Chaeyeon, Gaeun , Eunbi
They are professionals
873: 2018/08/24(金) 16:26:50.20
Eunbi and Gaeun are already debut
Chaeyeon has experienced survival shows a lot, so they are good like pro
867: 2018/08/24(金) 16:25:42.16
x2 Hitomi’s dance is funny lololol
872: 2018/08/24(金) 16:26:48.08
Sian doesn’t dance at all lololol
879: 2018/08/24(金) 16:29:45.80
Ahn Yu Jin, her x2 dance is cool
Long legs and arms
890: 2018/08/24(金) 16:33:55.94
Chaeyeon dances rhythmically
903: 2018/08/24(金) 16:39:33.55
Chaeyeon has no mistakes?
907: 2018/08/24(金) 16:40:41.73
Chaeyeon’s dance is genius level
920: 2018/08/24(金) 16:45:18.77
Gaeun has awesome dancing skill because she danced x2 even her height
941: 2018/08/24(金) 16:51:23.10
I feel like x2 dance is good training instead of jokings, it’s like guitarists compete bpm

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