【PRODUCE48】Episode 11 advance release Make-up class for trainees!【Translation of Japanese reaction】

735: 2018/08/24(金) 15:50:39.16
Advance release is launched

749: 2018/08/24(金) 15:55:04.93
Why don’t they do earlier~😭
769: 2018/08/24(金) 15:59:41.30
Sae is nodding seriously  when the period of practice for erase Dark circle(dark circles under the eyes)lol
760: 2018/08/24(金) 15:57:02.18
Sian is so awsome!lol
763: 2018/08/24(金) 15:58:37.35
no title

no title

Hii-chan is so cute of this picture lol

771: 2018/08/24(金) 16:00:09.39
I can’t see without SIAN lol
826: 2018/08/24(金) 16:14:26.92
Sian lolololo
Ai Haruna did exact same thing.
Honda, so cute!
777: 2018/08/24(金) 16:01:27.79
Sian changed to the Iron man
783: 2018/08/24(金) 16:03:19.63
Sian and Yena are great heckler lol
851: 2018/08/24(金) 16:21:53.69
Yena looks like a baby
779: 2018/08/24(金) 16:01:48.18
Please do events like this for a year

786: 2018/08/24(金) 16:03:52.95

Nako and Kirin
no title

no title

no title

756: 2018/08/24(金) 15:56:20.16
This episode looks so fun without the ranking reveal
761: 2018/08/24(金) 15:57:31.14
I’ll die because they sandwiched fun events between hell

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